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Important : Soyez sûr d’avoir la « Confirmation » de votre séjour après le versement des arrhes,

 Sinon nous ne pouvons pas garantir votre hébergement.

Les prix indiqués sont Hors Taxes.


Important : Be sure to get « Confirmation » of your stay after payment of a deposit,

 if not, your stay is not guarantee.

 Prices shown are excluding VAT and Tourist taxes


Accueil Français

Sunset-Studio 3 > 139€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 2 > 139€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 1 > 139€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 4 > 106€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 5 > 92€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 6 > 92€/night Without Taxes

Sunset-Studio 7 > 119€/night Without Taxes

Moana-Studio 1 > 129€/night Without Taxes

Moana-Studio 2 > 139€/night Without Taxes

Moana-Studio 3 > 149€/night Without Taxes

Moana-Studio 4 > 149€/night Without Taxes

Villa Moana

Studio 2

Located on the beachfront, this lovely studio offers a privileged view of the lagoon from its terrace. It accommodates up to five guests.

Villa Moana-> Studio 2 > 147 €  a night for two...(Taxes Include)